What is the best Laptop Computer in 2018?

Choosing a laptop computer can be a challenging experience. There seem to be innumerable brands and a multitude of different features available. How to know which features are worth the extra money? How to know which brand is reliable? In order to simplify the purchasing decision, we’ve selected one laptop computer that truly stands out […]

Data Recovery From Hybrid Drives: How Is It Done?

Electronics world has made almost everything we do in life, a little bit easier – and less expensive. These little gadgets such as Hybrid Drives have become things we can’t live without. CF cards are some of the most popular Hybrid Drives. Today you will find a number of flash drives available in the markets-whether […]

A Decade in Tech: Advancements from 2008-2018

The world of technology is advancing at an ever-increasing rate, but living through it makes it feel like change happens gradually. It’s not until you step back and look at what has been developed over the past few years that you really see how far we’ve come. In this article, we look at the biggest […]

International Tech Advancements in 2018

2018 has so far been an exemplary year as far as technological innovations are concerned. Some of these innovations have been under development for years, and have just recently been completed. The following are International Tech Advancements in 2018: 3-D Metal Printing Although this technology has been in use for decades, it is a technology […]

10 People who Influenced Tech in 2019

The rapid digital transformation in the tech world sometimes emerges from faceless companies or nameless. Behind each corporate logo are people who have shaped the future technology. Some are programmers, executives or researchers. Here are 10 people who have influenced tech in 2019. 1.  Jeff Bezos He was named 1999 person of the year, but […]

Benefits of Moving Your Business to The Cloud

Until recently the only option we had to deploy a comprehensive business management system was to deploy the solution within the organization’s four walls, on-premise. Lately, there is a lot of talk about deploying business management systems in the cloud. What is the cloud? Cloud-based solutions are deployed in a secure environment accessed through the […]

The “New” S-k-y-p-e: Good or Bad?

When any service provider updates their software systems, they may or may not get a good reception. Since some consumers become dependent on the features that they already have available, they may not be fond of the new version of the product. So, the reviews can vary from one user to the next. With this […]