2018 has so far been an exemplary year as far as technological innovations are concerned. Some of these innovations have been under development for years, and have just recently been completed. The following are International Tech Advancements in 2018:

3-D Metal Printing

Although this technology has been in use for decades, it is a technology that has mainly remained a preserve for designers and hobbyists. Many of them have been creating one-off prototypes. Using other materials, other than plastics to print objects has not only been really slow, but it has also been extremely expensive.

However, it has now become easier, and cheaper for you to print any part that you may desire. If this type of printing is to be adopted in a large scale, it has the potential to change the manner in which parts are mass produced.

For now, manufacturers do not have to worry about having to maintain large inventories as they can simply print any object that they need, e.g., a replacement part for an aged car.

Artificial Embryos

Embryologists recently redefined the manner in which life can be produced or created. The embryologists who working at Cambridge University located in the UK have been able to grow a realistic looking mouse embryo through the use of a stem cell. This means that no sperm or eggs were employed.

Only the cells that had been obtained from another embryo were employed during this experiment. Once the cells were extracted, the researchers placed them in a scaffold and watched with fascination as they started to communicate with one another, and line up to form a bullet shape, which is the distinctive shape of a mouse embryo.

The researchers believe that if left for longer, the cells could have grown into a mouse. This is definitive proof that scientists may soon start to produce mammals born without the use of an egg.

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