Database and system management  Database and Systems Management market grew even after the tragic flooding in Thailand that affected the production in 2011.

 Thailand is the second largest place that produce hardware and many big firm depend on this country so as to make their PC this includes Hp and Dell. This is why it was a surprise that it actually grew even after the pitfall.

In fact there was a revenue growth of about 9.2 %increase from 2010, which was actually amazing. Because if you remember there was shortage of hardware and Pc had hiked up the prices. The sectors that maintained the best growth and had the strongest gain was the,

 performance management, workload scheduling and automation markets also known as WSA and also change and configuration management also known as CCM.

Some of the countries which had the strongest gain were Japan, US, Middle East Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and Africa. Among them the three of them had a revenue of more than 1 billion dollar and that was the second quarter.

 Asia Pacific region and Canada was the one that had lower growth while the United State had the highest growth. Latin America and Japan were constant in the growth market.

This growth increased thanks to the IT spending due to many businesses seeing the importance of data backup and recovery which they embraced it as well as hardware refreshing and upgrading cycles, and cloud services.

 When it comes to IT most businesses are very skeptical when it comes to quality of the data, the dynamic shift of data and database management system itself. The businesses opted these options because they minimize the cost in a business which is important.

Companies that were on top, when it came with the revenue share in first half was IBM, BMC and Hewlett Packard. IBM and BMC strength was in the WSA market while the HP best gain was in the CCM and problem management markets.

The rest of the vendors had an above average growth in the first year, this includes the Microsoft, NEC, VMWare, Symantec, Dell and Hitachi. The system management sector was the strong hold to Microsoft, NEC and VMWare its own strength.

 In fact there was healthy competition in this market. A hundred million dollars were earned by more than 14 vendors worldwide.

This research was done by the IDC who surveyed about 49 countries with 100 renowned vendors. It got the figures mentioned above from the World wide Semiannual Database and Data Integration Software tracker.

They were able to obtain information such as market size on the half, shares of the vendor, and analyzed data that has been forecasted.