Data loss can occur at any time, so to be on the safe side, you have to be always prepared. Most people have the perception that data recovery tools that are paid for work better than the free ones but that is not true. The following are some of the best free tools to easily recover your data. 

This file recovery app works on all versions of windows. It was paid software, but there is currently a limited time offer that can be used for free

. This tool works by assigning a recovery probability on files based on the extent to which they have been damaged. The files can be sorted by type so that files are not repeated while doing the recovery. 

PhotoRec works on all versions of windows, Mac and Linux. It is used where there is no necessity for deep disk recovery

. It does not interfere with the partitions on the computer rather it focuses on the file types in a safe and read only mode. It is a powerful tool for copying deleted files to another disk in a safe and efficient manner. 

Recuva works well on windows. It entails a file recovery wizard that can make missing files resurface. It is useful in scenarios where you are sure that you have lost your data within your computer and you do not know how to get it back.

Apart from the wizard, there is also a manual mode that can help you to narrow down your search for pictures, music, basically all types of files. Recuva also has a tool you can use to check whether you have completely deleted a file. 

Mini tool partition recovery is a tool that works best on windows is the best to use when you have deleted or lost an entire partition. It is more of a personal tool because of its wizard =based interface that makes it easy to use.

This tool is great because once it has found what you are looking for, it will send you a report to guide you on how you can recover the file easily, 

It works quickly and easily when dealing with a few deleted, but if you have a lot of files, it is better to use another tool. 

With the large number of free tools for easy recovering of data, you can never find yourself in a situation where you are experiencing data loss but do not know how to deal with it.