The rapid digital transformation in the tech world sometimes emerges from faceless companies or nameless. Behind each corporate logo are people who have shaped the future technology. Some are programmers, executives or researchers. Here are 10 people who have influenced tech in 2019.

1.  Jeff Bezos

He was named 1999 person of the year, but he is still influential today. Bezos’s Amazon is the largest e-commerce retail industry and leading in artificial intelligence through its software called Alexa. Netflix uses Amazon Web Services for cloud computing.

2.  Mark Zuckerberg

At only 32 years, he is the CEO of Facebook. He started it as an experiment while he was still on campus. Facebook has grown to be the most significant social network. Zuckerberg’s dream is to connect all world. Facebook has more than 2 billion users.

3. Tim Cook

Tim Cook is the chief executive of Apple, one of the most valuable products. He is the most influential persons in the tech world. Apple is now experimenting with anything ranging from augmented reality, advanced artificial intelligence to self-driving vehicles. With these projects, Cook will shape the face of consumer technology.

4. Larry Page and Sergey Brin

They are the co-founders of Google. Google is the favorite search engine tool used globally. It is the most significant engine for past 10 years. Brin and Page have continuously contributed to the tech industry through their company Googlplex. The recent endeavor is which strives to solve global problems ranging from environment, energy to poverty.

5. Mary Barra

She is the chairperson and CEO of the global automaker. The transportation industry is rising rapidly, from an electric car to autonomous vehicles. She has navigated 30 million vehicles recall with switch ignition crisis. Mary Barra is much interested in the driver’s seat

6. Satya Nadella

A few years ago, none could have described Microsoft at best in the tech industry. Satya Nadella, as the CEO, reinvigorated and now Windows 10 is the best. Hardware like Surface Studio has even made Apple users salivating for it. Nadella believes that what you did yesterday will not necessarily work tomorrow.

7. Evan Spiegel

Evan Spiegel is the co-founder of Snap. He is the secretive force behind the famous Snapchat. Whereas Twitter and Facebook influence users to connect as much as possible, Snapchat brings intimacy and privacy into the equation.

8. Elon Musk

Space rockets, electric cars, and residential solar power could impress an average person but not a 45 year Elon Musk. His superhuman drive has produced excellent results. SpaceX has demonstrated exemplary renewable rocket technology, and Tesla is now worth more than $50 billion. He is currently working on projects to remold the individual’s brain with powerful computers.

9. Biz Stone

Biz Stone is the co-founder of Twitter, one for the global and fast-rising social networking websites. Stone has started an original form of connecting and has been adopted worldwide. A microblogging tool called “tweets” enables users to express opinions and information. It restricts entry to only 140 characters.

10. Mitchell Baker

Mitchell Baker is the Chairman of Mozilla Foundation. The Firefox Browser was launched in 2004. Its market share has reached 25%.

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